Happy Weekend before Christmas.

Today We are having all my family over to my Niece's house for our family Christmas. That way everyone can have their other side Christmas on Christmas eve and their own on Christmas Day.

So it's day 4 of 19 days off for me. I have been somewhat busy and have started to get move everyday. Started with walking everyday atleast 1 mile and have been up to 2 miles now. I'm going to try and get to 3 or 4 miles before I have to go back to walk, then try and do 1 mike while at walk, and 2-3 when i get home from walk.

I need to lose weight and decided to start before the new year so as to not be one of those that quit in about mid-January. I have been my heaviest at 267.3 and have lose some. So the start weight of this challenge to me is 258.9 and my current weight is 256.6 now. I had to weight myself today because Saturday is going to be my day of weekly weight check.

I hope to lose between 20-30 pounds with no real time frame set on that, as to now have my body plateau out to soon, 1-3 pounds a week is a good way to start out.

Have a Great weekend everyone.