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    Sticky: RE: 2015 Secret Santa

    I'll do what I did last year. Its for a good cause so I'm just gonna donate. I have to put some money on my PayPal to pay for my Halloween costume. I'll send you a donation then best of luck!!
  2. RE: Daily Fantasy Sports - Draft Kings, Fan Duel, etc

    I can't even draft a winning fantasy team against my friends! haha no way I can win something like this. Heck I was the guy who was a Marcus maritoa fan drafted him and didn't start him week one. I...
  3. Poll: RE: 2014 WR Draft Class: Does OBJ remain no. 1 in 2015?

    I think Eli Manning will be the reason Odell is no longer #1. Id like to see Kelvin Benjamin be #1. I voted other though want to take a crazy guess and vote for Julian Edelman
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    RE: **Packers Training Camp**

    Oh I drove down from Door County I was on vacation. So I missed the beginning ride up got there about 830-8:45 ish. I stood right by the gates they set up but near the door to go into the locker...
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    RE: **Packers Training Camp**

    I hate you! Lol Didn't see Tolzien or Blanchard (I go to whitewater and had a warhawk mini helmet I really wanted signed from Blachard) come in on a bike Thursday when I was there. Randall Cobb was...
  6. RE: 2015 TCS Standard League - Sign Up Inside

    I suck at Fantasy football but I'm in lol
  7. RE: High #'d inserts,autos, and jersey cards.

    They are yours you wanna send me your address
  8. RE: High #'d inserts,autos, and jersey cards.

    The list is up!
  9. RE: High #'d inserts,autos, and jersey cards.

    Haha we couldn't just beat the Rangers 1 time in six years? Nope lost to them 5 out of the last 6 years... Pathetic! Oh well by far the best series of the playoffs thus far. As long as the blackhawks...
  10. High #'d inserts,autos, and jersey cards.

    Here is the list!
    2013 cam newton prizm camo
    2013 Robert woods prizm camo
    2013 demarius Thomas prizm camo
    (Above are not #'d I just think they look cool)
    2014 Matt Kalil topps #/499
  11. RE: 2014 Panini Conteders - Previews Posted

    Seeing 2014 contenders live... The cards are fucking beautiful. One of my favorite designs by them. But, my one critique is too many parallels.
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    Need Opinions on card brands.

    So I have display cases that hold I think 20 cards and I'm looking to fill them up to put on display. Only catch is cards have to be completely flat cause its made for showing off base cards. I need...
  13. RE: (Not Super Bowl Hero) Butler Responds to Twitter Users

    I'm just here so I won't get fined


    Thank you.
  14. RE: Patriots Probed for Cheating Yet Again

    Wouldn't it still provide the same additional grip to both teams? How is that an advantage?
  15. RE: Mighty Ducks Jacket purchase on Ebay help

    I feel ya Andy half of me just wanted to say fuck you to the guy but A) the jackets do sell around 60 I looked em up before hand. B) because Disney owns the rights to the mighty ducks its highly...
  16. Mighty Ducks Jacket purchase on Ebay help

    While this has nothing to do with football card I need help from people who use eBay a lot. So I won an Auction on Ebay for an Mighty Ducks Jacket that I really liked I won it for 45$. (Decent price...
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    RE: Free At Last! A Hero Returns Home.

    He should just move to Colorado. Switch to Mary Jane and let me move on with my life from ever hearing about him again lol #FreeMead
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    RE: Accident With My Chrome Cards :(

    You bastard!

    Posted using Tapatalk...which probably means I'm on the crapper.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    RE: Accident With My Chrome Cards :(

    That's a clean cut there sarge my best guess is scissors beat paper in a good old fashion game of rock, paper, cowboys suck.
  20. RE: Eric Berry's Season is Over - Possibly Has Lymphoma

    I heard about this absolutely crazy! I hope he comes back to play hate seeing anyones career end :(
  21. RE: Group Break Mail, 3 boxes of Limited basketball, 3 baseball boxes. Bo Know

    Omg that grass stain is fucking awesome! Also I love that Charlie V card been a fan of his since douche bag Kevin Garnett called him a cancer patient
  22. RE: What the hell is going on? #freejonmead

    I haven't been here long enough to know the history behind him but the guy has a strong "personality". This was my first encounter with him but he was just making fun of cardspeople thought were cool...
  23. RE: Opinions wanted.......check this out!

    I think it's incredibly difficult to put together a full true rainbow and it would be amazing if you could put this all together but I just can't justify paying more than 350-400$ for this given his...
  24. RE: Does anybody play Draftkings or FanDuel here?

    There are a bunch of different priced tournaments you can join. Ranges from $1 all the way to $5,000+.

    For a tournament, let's say there are 50,000 entries, the top 10,000 or so would get paid....
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    Tim Tebow

    As much as I hate Tim Tebow for the constant riding he got from the media and everyone buying into him saying he was a good quarterback cause he's a "winner" I could certainly never hate him as a...
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