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  1. RE: Sneak Peak at my soon to be over 700 auto jersey sale list

    Stil have 012 Andrew Chafin Limited Prospect Auto /750 $1 ?
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    RE: TCS Daily - Thursday - February 12th, 2015

    Redemptions suck 90% of the time from all the stories I've heard.
  3. RE: Andrew Chafin 2011 Limited Prospects Signatures

    Still looking for all Chafin cards!
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    RE: Jose Canseco Blew Off His Middle Finger

    When I hear stories like this i find it hilarious. What is the first thing you do when starting to clean your gun? See if it's loaded, no matter if you think it's unloaded or you always keep it...
  5. Andrew Chafin 2011 Limited Prospects Signatures

    looking to buy as many as ya got :D. Send message with pictures, thanks!
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